Parking Permits

The City of Hollywood offer various parking permit options for residents, business owners, employees, and non-residents.   

Permits can be purchased online or in the Parking Office located at City Hall Annex Building, 2600 Hollywood Boulevard, Monday through Thursday from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm.  You will be required to provide a copy of the required documents, based on the applicable person type listed on our Parking Website. 

 For more information, please call the Parking Office at (954) 921-3535, Option 3

 Required Documents: 

  • Hollywood Resident~ Driver's License and Vehicle Registration, in a Hollywood Address; If the Driver's License and Vehicle Registration are not in the Hollywood Address, then ONE of the following documents must also be uploaded: Residential Tax Bill in purchasers name with the Hollywood Address, Lease of 6 months or longer in the purchasers name with the Hollywood Address, or a City of Hollywood Water Bill in the purchasers name with the Hollywood Address. 
  • Lakes Resident~  Same as above, except all documents must have a Lake Address that participates in one of the Lakes Residential Parking Program areas. 
  • Employee ~ Driver's License, Vehicle Registration, and proof of employment at a Hollywood Establishment (pay check stub or letter from your employer)
  • Guest~ Driver's License and Vehicle Registration

 Permit Purchasing information: 

~ All permits are subject to change. 

~ Only one permit may be purchased for each vehicle.  The permits are linked to the vehicle information and tag numbers provided.  Please contact the Parking Office if your vehicle and/or plate number changes.   

~You must not have any outstanding parking tickets on the vehicle when purchasing a permit. 

~You must register an account in the Parking Portal online system and upload the required documents; if required documents are not uploaded the permit may be denied.   

o    After logging in:

·  To purchase a permit please select ADD PERMIT in the upper right of the Permit/Active permit section; All 3 requirement can be done in this section.  

·  To add a vehicle for future change or purchase, you will select the ADD VEHICLE in the upper right of the Vehicles Section

·  To provide or update your saved proof of residency, you will select the ADD PROOF in the upper right of the Proof of Residency section


PLEASE NOTE:  Records obtained via the online process are linked to customer accounts and stay within the permit system indefinitely. The Parking Division's cyber security protocols include: encrypted data in transit and at rest, limited access to information based on principles of least privilege and role based access control, 24/7 environment monitoring, and best practices for breach notification, business continuity, and cybersecurity threat management.  

For further information, please visit our Parking Website at: